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Duration of the programme

7 Days of personalized care with individual consultation, diagnosis of inherent status, including advise
on long-term health care. Formulated to cater to present day needs of stressed out living in congested cities.

Objectives of the programme

  • To detoxify the body

  • To attain mental & physical relaxation

  • To relieve stress & promote healthy living

Contents of One Week Programme

  • 6 herbal baths

  • 5 herbal oil body massages

  • 2 medicated steam baths

  • 5 herbal oil head massages

  • 1 seed body massage

  • 3 foot massages

  • Facial treatment

  • Nasal treatment

  • Milk rice bolus treatment

  • Internal cleansing

  • Final discussion & post treatment advice


DAY 2 - 6


Orientation & Diagnosis

Planning treatment schedule

Foot massage & herbal bath

06.00 AM Morning exercise.
07.30 AM Breakfast.
10.30 AM Ayurvedic treatment.
12.30 PM Lunch & afternoon rest.
15.30 PM Evening exercise (meditation).
16.00 PM Ayurvedic treatment.
20.00 PM Dinner
22.00 PM Sleep
Morning Exercise.


Discussion & Post treatment advise.

For more details please contact the Hotel Reception



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