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Duration of Programme

3-4 hours per day over a period of 6 days

An intensive Body Care Programme with pastes and creams made from natural herbs without any artificial materials or chemicals.

In this programme, herbal facial care (Vakthra Vimaradana) consists of massages with freshly prepared herbal creams, oil therapies, and medicated steam baths. 

This cleaning process and softening of the tissues tones the skin, especially the face, and exudes a soothing cooling effect on the nerve paths. Natural ubtans and Udvarthana applications enhances the clarity and smoothness of the skin and breaks down fatty deposits, and beautifies the figure.

Skin care is combined with treatment for the internal body, with the following :

  • Prescription and consumption of special food during the period of 6 days
  • Simple exercises to be done morning and evening for body toning
  • Meditation periods to purify the mind.

Ideally suited for both Men and Woman, this programme is recommended at least once a year.

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