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A mixture of fresh herbs is boiled producing steam for you to inhale. This inhalation looses mucous deposits in the lungs and thus purifying the respiratory tract.

(Herbal oil therapy - Head)

For this therapy, the person lies flat, face up on a special wooden bed. A pot with a hole in the base filled with herbal oil is suspended above the person's forehead, and a thin flow of warm herbal oil is directed onto a spot between the eyebrows.

The oil is then gently stroked down the hair for 30-40 minutes to permeate the skin. Sometimes the therapist will massage it in to the scalp for extra potency. It can have dramatic healing effects. It is highly effective in the treatment of insomnia, migraine, epilepsy and amnesia.

(Energizing of vital forces)

A special Ayurvedic herbal oil treatment using a special rhythmic technique to pacify mental and physical vital forces in the body. Herbal oil is applied all over the body in a form of a milk bolus of pounded medicines, tied up in a muslin bag, by two trained therapists. It is a process of purifying the whole body to attain a proper balance of VATA, PITA and KAPHA.

It also promotes the excretion of toxic waste products and develops the immunity of the body. The medically potent components of the sectret mixture of medicinal herbs which is contained in the oil are absorbed through the skin by osmotic pressure as well as the activity of the nerves and the vascular system. This treatment is for all types of rheumatism, pain in the joints, blood pressure, cholesterol and certain kinds of skin diseases.

(Herbal oil body massage)

Relaxing and energizing oil massage for the whole body, hed and foot with herbal medicated oil. The massage is done according to traditional ayurvedic techniques.

This is good to reduce stress and fatigue and also improves blood and lymph circulation.

(Special full body oil treatment)

Very special ayurvedic oil treatment using a rhythmic technique of pacifying mental and physical vital forces in the body. It also promotes the excretion of toxic waste products and develops the immunity of the body.

(Head Massage)

The Head and Neck are given a relaxing massage with a special herbal oil, increasing blood supply to the scalp, relieving nervous tension and encouraging hair growth.

(Herbal Seed Therapy)

In this treatment the body is rhythmically massaged with a bolus of pounded medicine. This treatment is a method of increasing sweat. Hence it will help the excretion of toxic waste products.

(Medicated Steam Bath)

Medicated steam bath is specially recommended for certain skin diseases, to eliminate impurities from the body and to reduce fat. Herbal roots heat the body thoroughly in a traditional Margosa (Azandiracta Indica) wooden box.

The head stays outside the box and thus remains cool. The curative effects of the herb viperous penetrate the skin, while waste products are excreted with the sweat.

(Herbal Bath)

Fresh herbal leaves are boiled and the resulting liquid added to a warm bath. Capillaries and the spaces between tissues are dilated and create a general sense of well being.

(Facial treatment with Massage)

Depending on your skin type a special oil or herbal Cleansing cream is gently massaged in to your face. This treatment vitalizes and tones the facial skin and creates a soothing effect on the nerve paths.




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