Riverina Hotel

Beruwala - Sri Lanka

Riverina started an Ayurveda centre four years ago. As Ayurveda was very popular and in order to meet the demand for  ‘Pancha Karma ‘  discipline, a new purpose built Ayurveda villa was constructed. The structure it self is built of local material keeping the traditional values of the age old science of Ayurveda intact, and blending them with modern day comforts. 

The Ayurveda complex will consist of nine cubicles for massage, steam and other herbal related treatments. In addition to this, there will be two modern deluxe ayurveda treatment rooms, a herbal sauna and two Royal Baths in national settings. As ayurveda treatment rooms have a private inner garden with an individual shower. The center garden or ‘Meda Midula’.  The Ayurveda Villa is operated by a team of highly qualified doctors.   After the initial consultation the ayurvedic doctor will decide what type of treatment is suitable for the client, based on the programmes.


Synchron Massages (Abhyianga)  Head Oil Bath(Shirodhara and Shirovasti)
This will be performed  by two masseurs with a special medicated oil. prepared according to each person’s requirements. After this a head massage is performed.


A thin flow of oil is allowed to fall on the forehead (Shirodhara).  A special hat is made to retain the oil on the head for a longer period (Shirovasti)

Oil Bath (Phisichill) 

Nasal Treatment (Nasya) 
Heated medicated oil is collected  in a cloth or natural sponge and squeezed on to the body and thereafter very gently applied on the body of the patient by the masseur.  Juices, oils and powders made from herbal  are either administrated as nasal drops or an inhalation.
Herbal Pastes (Lepa / Alepa)  Special Medicated Oiled Pads (Pattu) 
Herbal plants are powdered and made in to a paste and use in treating pains, swellings, skin conditions etc. These pads are used to cover the areas of the body affected by aches, pains etc.

Herbal Bath (Drasvasveda)

Herbal Steam Bath (Ushmasveda)

Used for colds, and coughs and also for sinusitis.

Will be given after a massage and herbal bath.

Fermentation – (Sarawangadhara)

Milk Rice Treatment (Pindasveda)

This special head treatment will be administered with small  heated

 herbal packs after massaging areas of pain in the body.

Rice is cooked in a special way, filled in a small pouch made of cotton and applied.

Enema  Treatment (Vasti)

Facial Treatment
For an enema, different liquid such as medicated oils, milk and herbal water are used. For this treatment different applications, pastes and steams are used.

Blood Letting (Leeches Therapy)

Purgative Therapy (Virechana)
Special selected non poisonous Leeches are used in this treatment. Purgation is achieved by orally administered medication.


Ghee Treatment
Can be performed as a remedy for a variety of affections. Pure or medicated  butter oil is given orally.


  • Skin problems
  • Diseases of the respiratory tract
  • Rheumatism
  • Disturbances in the gastro intestinal tracts
  • Convalescence
  • Headaches, Migraine
  • Obesity
  • Blood circulation problems
  • Gynecological problems
  • Affliction to the spinal column, joints, muscle and tension of the liver.
  • Insomnia.
  • Stress.


  • The strengthening of your immune system
  • Promotion of general well-being; revitalization
  • Delaying the ageing process.
  • Promotion of a healthy life and diet.
  • Achieving a new zest for life (regeneration).



Treatment are classified under Basic and Advanced. From these you could select the particular programme of your choice. The selection could be made from the following :

  • Wellness and Relaxation Programme
  • Rejuvenation & Beauty Programme
  • Intensive Programme

Basic Treatment 

Head Massage

Facial Massage

Neck and Shoulder Massage

Body Massage

Herbal Steam Bath

Herbal Bath

Flower Both

Foot Bath


Advanced Treatment 

Head Oil bath

Special massage (specific area)

Complete body massage (head to toe)

Synchron massage

Facial cosmetic treatment

Thermo therapy

Herbal Steam Inhalation

Herbal Head paste

Herbal Oil Hat

Complete Oil Bath

Apart from the above, individual treatment special day packages could also be obtained as follows:
Day Basic Treatment Advance Treatment Total


1 Day 2 2 4 Wellness and Relaxation
3 Day 5 5 10 Wellness and Relaxation
5 Day 14 7 21 Rejuvenation and Beauty
12 Day 25-30 12-17 47 Intensive Course or 
18 Day 30-44 20-28 72 combination of above.
1 Day Course 
This course is generally meant to achieve wellness and relaxation. It will consist of two basic treatment and 2 advanced treatments. The basic treatment would be the Herbal Steam Bath and the Flower Bath. The advance treatment will generally  consist of complete body massage and a facial cosmetic treatment.
3 Day Course 
This course also covers the area of wellness and relaxation and will consist of 5 basic and 5 advanced treatments. The treatment will be provided in a repetitive form but of course some elements could be changed according to the requirement of the guest.
5 Day Course 
This course is generally targeted at the areas of  Rejuvenation and Beauty.  This will boost your health giving you renewed vitality and a sense of well-being. The 5 Day Course will consist of 14 basic treatments and 7 advanced treatments.
12 Day and 18 Day Courses
This is an intensive course which will combine a maximum 0f 47 and 72 treatments respectively. Treatments will be selected in consultation with the guest, taking into consideration the life style, nature of work, and and the level of stress of the client. This is a recommended course to gain the full benefit of the disciplines of Ayurveda and Panchakarma. This course will treat the combination of elements, viz. Well-being, rejuvenation and beauty. Due to the duration of treatment, special ailments also could be cured. This treatment will also consist of specialist consultation with our group of doctors and physicians.